Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's just nail polish! *update*

I have a son. He's 3 years old. He's spent 95% of his young life with me, his mom, so it's almost natural that he is interested in the things I do.

One of the things he's most interested in, is when I paint my nails. He loves having his toes painted too! And guess what? His dad and I are fine with that. Why? Because it's just nail polish. It'll come off with little effort or wear off by itself within a couple weeks. It's not a big damned deal to us. It'd be no different than if he decided he wants a fake tattoo, since mommy has real ones.

So why do some people insist on saying shitty and disgusting things about it? Well, because they're narrow-minded and have their heads up their asses of course.

Nixon was in the room and referred to as "fairy" for wearing nail polish. He was also in the room when "faggots", "fag" and other hateful slurs against homosexual men were spoken. We don't say these words in our house. I'm not in my house right now. I'm trying to raise Nixon to be tolerant of all people and most lifestyles (I obviously don't agree with people who are abusive towards animals and other people in their lives. I don't condone that and make sure to teach Nixon love is not abusive).

Nixon is a kind and loving little kid. He's very affectionate to me and his dad. He loves giving us hugs and kisses, and frequently tell us he loves us throughout the day. He's sensitive, almost to a fault, and can be overly emotional about things. But, c'mon, he's 3!

I don't understand and can't begin to comprehend why any adult would ever think saying such words to a child is acceptable. I don't know why someone feels the need to use such hate-filled words period, let alone in front of children.

I'm pissed as hell because my son has done nothing but be a loving person and enjoy something girls are free to do. We raise our daughters to believe they can do anything a man can do but we degraded boys for doing the same thing?!? I don't want Nixon to be afraid to be himself. I don't want him judged because of something as trivial as nail polish..ON HIS TOES for fucksake! And it's neon green even!!

I grew up a tomboy. I did everything boys did (minus the peeing standing up thing, that always pissed me off that I never mastered that skill) from sports, to climbing trees and even getting into fights. Am I less of a woman because of it? Some might say yes, but for the most part, no. Unless you knew me then, you might not even realize how much of a tomboy I really was.
So why can't my son enjoy doing girlie things without ignorant assholes trying to belittle him?? Why? Because the world is full of assholes and we have to be around them sometimes.

Moms, don't raise your daughters one way and then the opposite way for sons. If we tell our daughters they can be anything they want to be, lets encourage our sons to do the same. Gender roles or not, let kids be kids and be creative, individuals and happy. There are grown men, who fight in the UFC and wear nail polish!
Who wants to tell them their a "fairy" for doing so?? Not me.

Apparently, between the nail polish and the fact that Nixon likes Strawberry Shortcake cartoons, I'm "making him gay". You don't make a person gay! And there are apparently no gay football players. Since Nixon likes throwing a football, I'm confusing him. Seriously, he a kid! He's doing what kids like to do, be curious about everything!

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