Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And the cries of unfairness begin

   Well, according to major news networks Obama has won a second term. I've bit my tongue and for the most part kept my political feelings to myself. I watched the debates, yelling at the tv at times, but kept it off social networking sites. I read the pro-candidate of choice statuses and avoided commenting on them. I did encourage people who read my statuses to vote or shut the fuck up. I sent in my absentee ballot to make sure my vote counted.

   So now it comes as no surprise that Romney supporters are clamoring for the destruction of the Electoral College, since Romney is winning popular vote but not electoral college. It's kind of the reverse deja vu from 2000 Bush/Gore election. Except back then, it was the dems crying for the destruction of the Electoral College.

   Bitches, how does it feel?!?!?!

   I'm not saying it's right. I feel the Electoral College is outdated and does invalidate the population's vote. Neither party, apparently, is immune to the unfairness and yet no one has brought the idea of disbanding it to the floor. Why not?? Because losers can win with a little luck and this disturbed math equation in their favor.

   And everyone who has lost an election because of this will fight and bitch as long as someone, anyone will listen. And people will listen. Because it feels like our votes aren't worth shit. Because they aren't, unless you live in the right part of the country and vote like the rest of your neighbors.'s up to the EC to cast your vote, even if its for a candidate you didn't vote for.

   Congratulations President Obama, on repeating history but having it work in your party's favor this time!

   In other news, I would like to personally extend a congratulations on an important yet hardly spoken of win by Tammy Baldwin. Senator-elect Baldwin will be the first openly gay Senator! Thank you, Wisconsin, for this historical election!! Perhaps now we, as a country, will start making progress with gay rights. That's my hope and dream at least.

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    I digress...

    But yes, the EC is an outdated and useless process and because of the EC, people don't vote because the elects will choose who they want any way. I would hazzard a guess more people actually would vote if it actually registered for anything more than popular choice.