Monday, September 10, 2012

...."I'mma let you figure it out"

seems straightforward enough, right??

me: I can't go that way (see above) can I?

Hubs: You've got 2 college degrees! I'mma let you figure this one out for yourself.

me: You know I haven't been this way (on base) before. *as i turn left*

Hubs: You have to blog this, you know!

me: Yeah, I know.
*I turn left going back where we just came from*

Hubs: Where are you going now?

me: I have to take a picture of that or the blog just won't make sense!

There you have it! Two college degrees and simple road signs stump me!

On a separate note: Thank you everyone for helping my little blog hit 500 views!! Keep spreading the word and following me! Much love to all of my readers!
Thanks xoxo

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