Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life cycle of a thought in my head

Driving, in the rain, to drop off papers for a friend.

I was thinking about what I was going to say, when I got to my destination, because I tend to do that, in order to avoid looking like an asshole when speaking to people I don't know. I have entire made-up conversations in my head at times! (Like before a job interview, I'm horrible at this! I have good and bad interview conversations in my head!)

So I was thinking about my friend's name and nickname.
Then I thought about her son and brother's names.
My dad's name is the same as her son's name.
I could never sleep with a guy who has the same first name as my dad. It'd be too creepy.
Wait! My nephew's dad has the same first name as my dad, just spelled differently. Again, what was my sister thinking?!?! WHO does something like that.
I start the mental list of the guys I have slept with....B mr.-i-should've-known-better-but didn't, T my first real boyfriend who turned out to be an abusive shitbag, M  my high school together-way-too-long boyfriend, another B....wait! His name was the same as my dad's!
Oh shit dude!
Hmm....well Karma got me back good for him. See he was my friend L's boyfriend at the time and somehow I ended up hooking up with him just days after starting to date M. opps!
M is now living with my bff-was-like-a-sister to me friend G. They hooked up before we ended it, but I didn't know until WAY later.
Karma is a fucking bitch dude!!
I did a lot of shitty things to people I thought I cared about, back in the day.
Thank goddess I've grown up and have the Hubs and our son now.
Damn dude, this rain sucks!
(turn on my rear wiper).
I love rear wipers. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a rear wiper to use. Who could drive a car like that??
TicToc (my Kia Soul) has one, the (PT) Cruiser has one, my Jeep had one, even my Celica had one. OH! And the Cube in Okinawa had one too. Damn I'm kind of spoiled by a clear rain-free rear window.
When is this light going to change?
I should write down this flow and blog about it when I get home.
(pen and paper at stop we are!)

There ya go....the thought cycle in my head. This all took place in about a 5-10 minute time frame.

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