Saturday, May 4, 2013

This is why I'm not allowed in large crowds of stupid people unsupervised.....

    Today was Free Comic Book Day. For anyone not familiar with the concept, it's exactly what it sounds like: free comic books. Our favorite local comic book store was also celebrating their 5th anniversary of being in business and it was a big event! They started planning and advertising for it in February.

  Mac and I camped out last night, with about 75-100 other people. It was cold, windy and we slept in the car for about 4-5 hours.

   We got our comics signed first, then stood in the long line to get into the store. Now, here's the thing: it's a big store but still only has 2 registers. So there's going to be a wait. There's also signs up and employees wearing t-shirts that say "Free Comic Book Day 2013 May 4th". So after standing in lines for over 3 hours, sleeping in the car and being cold, I was reaching my max limit of stupid people tolerance.
  Enter douchecaneo walk-by: Hey, what's with the line?
  Mac: It's free comic book day, so the comic book store is giving away comic books and having big sales.
  Douchecanoe: Oh, so everyone's in line for the comic book store?
  Mac: Yep.
  Douchecaneo walks away and I say to Mac: Man, I should've said "It's free abortion day!".
Mac starts laughing at my inappropriateness and the guy with 3 young kids behind us is asking what I said, Mac just says "Nothing important, my wife has just started her massive inappropriately responses to stupid questions".
What can I say? It amuses me.

my free comic book day costume!

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  1. Thanks, this made me smile. I love inappropriate responses to stupid questions! I think we should all give them, all the time!