Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is why my husband and I don't role play...

Hubs: Babe, can you call my phone? I can't find it.
me: For real?
Hubs: Yes. Please. It's on vibrate.
me: *mostly to myself* of course it is.....
(calls his cell)
*faint buzz*
Hubs: Do you hear that? *he's bouncing around the kitchen and living room like a puppy on meth* (I'm guessing what a puppy on meth would look like because I'm not cruel enough to actually put a puppy on meth and compare it to what my husband looked like while chasing the faint buzzing sound of his misplaced cell phone.)
me: It went to voicemail, should I call it again?
Hubs: Yes, please!
me: Calling it
*part two of puppy on meth, but this time I lowered the volume on my phone and listened for the buzzing for real. I heard nothing. Guess it might help if I get off the sofa at this point, if I want a house that is in one piece*
me: I'm going to call it again, and help now.
*Now I'm in the kitchen and I hear the buzzing, but it's faint and only in the kitchen, but there's no phone*
Hubs: Anything?
me: No! Dammit! I almost had it! This is the worst game of hide-and-seek ever! Call it again?
Hubs: On it.
*buzzing again*
me: Worst.game.ever!
Hubs: Wait....did I bring the phone out of the boy's room?
me: I don't know?
*we both bolt upstairs to the boy's room*
Hubs: *phone in hand in our son's room* Nope, didn't grab it.
me: You suck! This whole time it was up here?!? No wonder I only heard it in the kitchen.
*walking down the stairs*
me: Worst game of hide-and-seek EVER!
Hubs: Yup. You have to blog about this though, you know that right?

I couldn't find a picture of a methed out puppy

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