Tuesday, January 6, 2015

OH MY GODS....It's snowing!!! It's the end of the world!

   ...or at least that's what every damned person in the local area would have you believe. Schools weren't delays or cancelled, there were accidents involving teens and it's the school district's fault for making these kids go out in this.
    Wait? What?! Can't parents make these choices too? I mean, if your 17-year-old hasn't been driving very long, let her take the bus today. Think she'll drive anyways? Taker her keys from her. If you'd take keys from a friend who's been drinking to prevent an accident, why not do the same for your child?
    This seems common-damned-sense to me! I drove UH to school today. The roads? Total shit. I felt my little Kia Soul's tires slipping before the "low traction" light came on. Luckily, I know how to control my car so I was fine. What wasn't fine was the idiots on the road tailgating, the asshole who thought his big-ass truck meant he could race down the road....I watched him fishtail as he stopped.

     Hey fuckfaces! Snow means cold, cold means ice, ice means slipping and slidin'! It's all fun and games until you're wrapped around a tree or light pole because you lost control and freaked out, not knowing how to control the spin out.

    Wanna learn to be calm in a spinout? Find an open and empty parking lot. Go do donuts in your car. Feel your car and relax. From there learn how to steer out of a spinout. Hint: t's not slamming on the breaks and steering crazy.
    My ex, whom I rarely have a good thing to say about, helped me with this. We'd spend many nights in a vacant shopping center parking lot doing donuts and he taught me how to control and steer out of a spinout. His father helped teach him.

   Basically, folks. Use common fucking sense in snow. Leave earlier. Keep a safe distance between cars.

the view from my living room right now

    Fucking snow! It happens every year and people still act like it's the end of the goshdamned world!

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