Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I was just being nice!

Driving down the interstate, well riding really I had shotgun today, we see what we can only assume is an FBI vehicle with a noticeable low rear tire. Not flat, but getting there.
Me being the kind and concerned person I am, ignoring the fact that we're going around 60mph in separate vehicles, wanted to let this guy know.
Note: tapping on YOUR window will NOT let the guy know. I tried this. I also started pointing to the guy's rear tire, while we were driving next to one another, mouthing "Your tire is flat", hindsight I realize he may have thought I was cussing him out.
I was just trying to help and maybe make an FBI connection in the process. Who doesn't need an FBI agent for a friend?? I'm living near DC, it's ALL about connections here.
*yes I did yell that at the vehicle as it got too far away and I was no longer able to try to help Mr. FBI with the air-impaired tire.

On the way home, my window was child-locked to keep me from yelling at asshole drivers. I did the "mom finger" times 2 at the one guy who thought he could sneak in front of us, when I could see into his window. At that point the only way you could sneak in was if our car was invisible....I am not invisible, hence the mom fingers and yelling "YOU stay there!" It totally worked, because he did!
It was then that my window was locked, like I'm 3 and will jump out of a moving car...but in reality, it was to keep us from getting shot at! Apparently my claims saying I could tell the guy wasn't the shooter type, was not good enough.

Why wouldn't you trust someone yelling at a person in a car and tossing out mom fingers?? If you can't trust someone like that, who can you trust, I ask you.

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