Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Snarkasm is my own prefect blend of snark and sarcasm, brewed to a lukewarm temperature and served in a sterling silver teacup with a dollop of "fuck you" whipped cream on top.

It's a beautiful thing too. My husband has heard more than one of my snarkastic rants and is always saying "You need to blog this so people can read it".
I think he says that to sound supportive when what he really wants to say to me is: "Leave me alone you crazy, ranting bitch!"
But he said yes when I asked him to marry me, so all my rants go through him first now. It came with the territory, much like the mountain of shit aka Man stuff, came with him. (Comics are not shit, comics are not shit, comics are not shit....but the random pieces of paper and magazine articles about comics might be shit.)


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  2. Random paper and Magazines? About Comics? That's the Wizard Bitch! LOL It tells us their worth and it almost as valuable as the comics themselves!!!! Comic love forever little Cuz! Sorry, gotta back Mac up on that one! But I'm following your new blog with gleeful anticipation! ;) Love ya darlin!