Sunday, June 10, 2012

I got his "permission" this time, to give a further update on HER

   Last night was the storm before the rainbow. The rainbow being my *cough, cough* 30 plus 3 birthday. Last night was our longest and ugliest fight in our whole relationship but we fought fair, clean and made up before falling asleep.

   It started with our argument over him giving her his cell number.
   It continued with her calling before I knew she had his number.
   It went on after the blog and comments it was getting from my friends about it.
   It got heavier after he called and left a voicemail.
   It got silent when she called back and he stayed on the phone with her, outside, door closed, for over 30 minutes, missing Nixon's bedtime and not even apologizing for being that long.
   It got ugly when I picked a fight over it because while he apologized for losing track of time, he didn't apologize for giving HER 30 minutes of undivided attention when I can't even get a car ride with his undivided attention these days.
   It got serious when he said he'd call HER tomorrow and tell her he can't talk to her again.
"YOU WILL NOT FUCKING CALL HER ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!" followed by tears and silence, then me leaving the room.
   Then came the panic attack. Yep, this actually brought on my first full blown anxiety attack in over 18 months. I've been close, but haven't had a full blown one until last night. I told him in the middle of the attack "I will fucking call her and tell her why you will not be talking to her, if you can't find a way to do it and be nice about it, because I do not have to be fucking nice to her!"
   Right then, he came over and started calming me down.
   Then he listened to me.

During their conversation she told him this "news". And this information is why I am oh so very uncomfortable with her contacting my husband. Because it seems like she's just up to old games again, from a woman's point of view. I could be wrong but I'll lay it all out and let any of you who want to, be the judge.

The story:
Originally, the plan was the 4 (or 5) of us would meet for dinner or something. She didn't *still doesn't* know I will never meet her.
Mac spent the call "catching up" and skipped the part of "my wife doesn't like or trust you".
He asked how she was doing. She admitted her marriage is less than perfect, then goes into more detail: her husband "just left for Kansas for who knows how long" (he's military) and he had cheated on her when he was last deployed, revealing he has a toddler with another woman she didn't know about.
So much for their perfect marriage.
She never really asked about me or Nixon.
I'm uncomfortable because she seems to be playing the victim again and my husband, as amazing a guy as he is, tends not to see it that way. He thinks she just needs a friend right now. I find it amazingly coincidental that all this is found out right as she starts reconnecting with my husband again, a man she cheated on another husband with in the past. But he was single and younger then, so I'm not hating on him for those mistakes.
I am angry he still wants to meet her, and will only break off the friendship AFTER a pass is made on her part. Seems to me that's too big a gamble to take.
But I trust him and we're going to have to continue to trust each other.

I don't for a second believe any of the bullshit lines she's throwing his way though. As a woman, I smell a skank liar in the grass.

Anyone else or am I being paranoid??

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  1. she is totally looking to "get back" at her husband. She wants a booty call. The husband just left, eh? She totally lied to Mac when she said she wanted all of you to meet up for a dinner, she knew her husband wouldn't be here and she was probably banking that you wouldn't want to go. She doesn't want a friend right now. I'm sure she has plenty of them. If she doesn't have friends that should be a clue she doesn't deserve any.