Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My name is Rea, and I'm a tabloid gossip addict.

       I love watching TMZ! I can't help it. I love hearing the staff comments. It's good times. The husband even watches sometimes.
In a recent show the office group was talking about Kate Upton and her new photo shoot. Yeah, sure she's got a good body but she's nothing special. In the clip the blonde in the office says she wouldn't kick her out of bed.

I tell the husband "I would. Actually, I wouldn't even let her in my bed. She's not worthy of it."
The husband tells me I'm nuts!
I'm not nuts, I have standards, and being a tall, blonde, perky-breasted model doesn't necessarily meet my standards. To be honest, I'm not even sure what my standards are, I couldn't even tell you if you asked me why I don't find her worthy.
Maybe she's too Barbie.
Kate Upton photo shoot TMZ clip
Barbie is a lying bitch!
I grew up decapitating her, cutting her hair off, pulling arms out of sockets.
Because I was never going to look like her! I was never going to be blonde, the boys were never going to look at me like Ken looks at her (although now I realize Ken wasn't really looking at her, he was looking at her cars and boats) and I was never going to have the life she was representing. I hated my childhood and the life it was offering me and Barbie, that bitch was taunting me with things I'd never have!
Fuck that cunt!


  1. I wouldn't allow her in mine either...Mila Kunis however.....Lol

  2. Similar Mila Kunis worship here.

  3. Mila Kunis has an open invite as far as the husband is concerned. I like her, she's hot and on my top 10 list, but he's the one who is all about her!
    I don't know that she's the sharing type ;)