Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Short and bitter....that's me!

   Because I was feeling stupid, or brave depending on your views, I decided since almost a month had passed it was time to broach the subject of HER....

me: Have you talked to (her) lately?
hubs: no, not really. But her facebook status said something about her and her husband working it out. I guess he got some leave time so they can give it a go.
me: Leave? Didn't he just go?
hubs: Yeah, I guess.
me: Hmm....that's,......interesting.

And by interesting I mean, the purest bullshit story ever!! I'm not going to start another fight with my husband over this chick but I smell shit! The military doesn't just hand out leave so you can "work out" family issues. If that were the case, Okinawa wouldn't have been so bad.

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