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Walk down Cunts-from-Okinawa Lane with me, won't you?

**originally posted on a different blog, 25Oct2011**

Okay y'all, buckle up I'm pissed up and shits hitting the fucking fan! Apparently, at least here on Okinawa, there was a memo that went out to the Marine wives that put them on notice to be EXTRA fucking cunt-like about everything and in the process insulting and demeaning to all other branches wives. Including me.....opps their fucking bad!
First of all....your HUSBAND is the Marine, not you! some cases, your husband was in diapers when my husband enlisted, shut the fuck up and take a seat!
Thirdly...yes Marines are special and elite, but that does not mean a wife has the right to demand SHIT from another branch's public Facebook page along the order of an explanation for why an Air Force Base isn't copying the Marine bases trick or treating hours. (I swear to fucking shit, this really fucking happened!)
Finally....tragic as it is that Marines will now be sleeves down year round, it does not entitle any Marine wife to dismiss or insult another spouse for saying Marines are not the last branch to be sleeves up. If you're wrong, you are WRONG!! Accept it and move the fuck on! Don't be a bitch because I'll be a full on cunt right back atcha.....(re: this whole fucking blog!!)

And now.....the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the ability to cut and paste from public pages!!

Exhibit A. (from a private board for wives on Okinawa...names have been edited)

Marines will no longer be allowed to wear rolled-up sleeves :(
*CS I know isn't it sad. :(
*LA I know that sucks!!!
*MMc It's the dumbest thing I've heard!! The guys/gals that are stationed in NC, Cali, Hawaii and here are gonna ROAST!!!
*ML In army you can't roll up your sleeves and my husband seems to be doing fine with it.
*ML and we were in Nc for 3 years.
*MMC ‎**no comment**
*BS I think the part that bothers me is having our Marine's sleeves roll is part of what set us apart from the other branches... plus it's super sexy to see their muscles bulging!
*KG I don't even think it's about them roasting, but its something (besides all the other stuff) that separates them from every other branch
*MMC ‎^^^Completely agree B!!! Plus, my husband works on the flight line here, and my bro does at New's HOTTER than HADES in the summer!!
*BS Yep my hubs works on the flight line too!
*BG The guys in Yuma are going to roast for sure, come on it looks so hott!!! lol
*MMC I agree...doesn't help that I met my husband when he was wearing his desert cammies and rolled sleeves, lol!!! ;)
*LL It's not only a heat issue but the way the Marines roll their sleaves sets them apart. Seems like they're trying more and more to take away the things that set the Marine Corps apart from the other branches.
*CS Agreed!
*AC-M My husband worked today and made me take a picture of the last day he would ever have his sleeves up. lol
*JR I think the marine corps is becoming lazy and this is from someone who was in!
*CF My husband isn't a Marine, but he says it is hotter with the tight rolled sleeves because the heat gets trapped. With the regular long sleeves, it's easier to get air flow inside the blouse.
Rea Wilcox-Ball Ladies, Marines aren't the only branch to roll their sleeves. My husband's in the Navy and he still rolls his sleeves, still looks sexy as hell with them up too.
*KW ‎1) my husband is hot and sexy regardless of what he is wearing. 2) while I met my husband with his sleeves up and sentimentally adore it... I am adapting a "yep, that sucks, but there are worse things in life and so...movin on."
*KW AF can roll their sleeves.. my husband works flight line and survives without his sleeves rolled.
*ABP Nothing against the other ladies or anything but being the wife of a marine you see other branches to things that marine corps wouldn't allow or do. We just like you are accustomed to seeing desserts rolled up That being said I always preferred my husband in his desserts BC I loved how it looked. Yea we will get over it eventually but it's this plus the whole tuition assistance thing that's a Hot topic for us. Plus when the army switched from berets only for certain ppl & not the entire army I recall ppl were talking .
*AC-M I do have to say when wer were stationed in 29 palms it was sleeves down year around and it was more comfortable for the Marines. I will say I am not going to miss every Mon my husband coming home saying pull my sleeve to help get it off. lol
*EF AHHHH HAHAHAHAH A-isn't that the truth. There are some things that are universal in the Marine/spouse relationship. Pull my sleeve is one of them!!!!
*MMC I am def gonna miss the "Pull my sleeve" routine ;)

"Nothing against the other ladies or anything but being the wife of a marine..." means I am a HUGE cuntbag and I can say things about other branches because I'm the wife of a Marine! I get people are pissed about a uniform change but get the fuck over it!! For fucksake its not like you have to buy all new uniforms, you simply don't have to roll your SLEEVES (for spelling point of reference in case some of these ladies need it) anymore. And for the record....I've also had the pleasure of "pull my sleeve" from my husband, who is not a Marine which I guess makes my marriage a Marine/spouse wanna-be?? some cases, when your Marine husband's mommy was still wiping his ass and kissing his boo-boo's, my Navy husband was rolling his sleeves in boot camp! But I guess that doesn't count because he's "not a Marine" right?? Well fuck you and the elitist attitude you seem to feel entitled to because of the guy you married.

And so the raging shit storm of Marine-entitled wives continues. Honestly, don't these bitches need to be protected or something?? Clearly they're far too self-absorbed and have been drinking the kool-aid a little too much to be allowed to mingle with the general population unsupervised. What's the way they band together!

I give you, the group/pack mentality!!

 Why is Kadena only having 2 hours of trick or treating when the Marine Corps bases are having 3 hours? Two hours just isn't enough time.

*K- Agreed.
Rea Wilcox-Ball Then go to the Marine base....just a thought. (here I go kicking up shit again)
*K- We ran out of candy in 20 minutes so I am sure by the end of two hours not many houses will still have lights on anyways. (my girl K!)
*A- ‎2 hours is plenty! My kids halloween buckets were overflowing at the end of an hour last year... ;)
*W- I know I have the choice to go to the other bases. That's not my point. I'm waiting on KadenaAirBase to explain the reason. Just wondering why all branches can't be on the same page for once. (the person who created the question now wanted the AF to answer it for her, because she wants to know!! Any takers on answering it for her??? stay tuned.....)
*J- This is how they make up to the Marines for screwing them in every other way possible.
*S- Because usually 2 hours is plenty. 2 hours worked just fine last year. (obviously spoken by someone who knows, right?)
*R- Stop whining... geez you have more on the base than any of your predecessors and folks still whine... try no air conditioning, no single line phones, no fresh milk (ours was made from coconut oil) no Burger king, Baskin Robbins, Chilie's Macaroni Grill, Popeyes, cable TV on and on... your spoiled. The old days weren't better, but I think the people were. They knew that being in the Military wasn't just a job it was a life style. Never heard of a military spouse coming down with PTSD even though our fathers and many of us spent two or more tours in Viet Nam a much worse and much more intense conflict than your facing now. They bucked it up, learned to make do with base furniture, and got to know the island.. it wasn't Fortress Kadena then it was just Kadena and we knew the island like the back of our hands, we knew the Okinawa's too. Stop complaining about small things and be thankful that the lowest enlisted family lives better than the average Field Grade officers family did in the sixties and early seventies (ah, here we go someone with brains and backbone to speak up! I love him already!)
*J- ‎^ I'm of the thinking that people in the early days whining about wiping their butts with their hands is what helped lead to toilet paper. If this truly was the case, I'm glad they whined about that.
*J- I'll also say, toilet paper is on a much higher priority list than an extra hour of trick or treating in my book though.
*K-Was PTSD even heard of then? I feel sure people suffered from it back in that day too. (K with a valid point!)
*C- A hr is enough for my family, really dont need candy left over for the rest of the year
Rea Wilcox-Ball I honestly don't think the Kadena group owes anyone an explanation. People were complaining that it wasn't on Halloween. Then they were complaining that it was on Halloween and not on the weekend. Now people are complaining that it's "only 2 hours" compared to the Marine bases 3 hours.
Just be grateful for what you're getting, say thank you and carry on! No one owes you or anyone else an explanation for anything, so get off your high horse and make a decision: trick or treat for 2 hours on Kadena or 3 hours on a Marine instillation.
And in case you've not noticed: in the military, all the branches are NEVER on the same page. Sorry this is ruining your life so very much. (and then there's me again, not holding back and telling it like it is. Since when does ANY branch owe any individual an explanation for anything?? Maybe I was a little harsh, but at least I didn't call her a stupid cunt, like I wanted too!)
*S- Wow...really???? Some people I swear...(he's awed by my balls, I just know it!)
*D- S, ditto :-/ (so is she, these people are build a shrine in my honor as I type!)
*D- My understanding is that they extended the hours to 5-8. I saw something about that last week?
*W- Good grief, this was just a simple question? I am not whining in no way. It would just be nice to have the times all the same for less confusion. Last year, with the 2 different trick or treating days, everyone had no clue what was going on. We may live on Kadena, but we are a Marine Corps family. My husband gets screwed all the time, so I know what that's all about. I love the military, I grew up a military brat & wouldn't have it any other way. Seriously, I'm a simple person, that doesn't ask for much, so don't tell me to get off my high horse. This was first time asking a question on her & for sure it's my last. People can be so RUDE!!! (guess who's not in my fan club??? I think she meant " first time asking a question on HERE" and if by not asking for much you mean expecting someone from the kadena air base command to explain to you why trick or treating is ONLY 2 hours as simple, then sure, you are a simple folk. And enter the Marine Corps....hold it, it keeps showing up)
*L- ‎^ You tell them girl!!!! Wow Unbelievable!!! (remember the pack mentality??)
*N- I'm assuming all but the 1 know and maybe 1 other are not Marines! Yeah I'll never give these people the time of day! (I can't even understand this sentence but I think the gist is...I'm not a Marine??? Can someone please take this girl to an ebonics class or give her a my baby can read dvds?? it would really make her insults to me and K a little more, oh I don't know, understandable. I mean I get what she's trying to say, but I really had to dummy myself down to catch the insult and now my head hurts. Fucking Marine  wives and their dumbass lack of English skills!)
*N- I agree with you W! Just stay away from it all :))
*S- I honestly can not believe the ass-nine attitudes of the self righteous snobs on this question. You bashers obivously have some deep seeded issuses that need to be addressed. How about you get off your high horse and get a life. You must have nothing else to do if your are going to crum your bitchy remarks all over this page because of a SIMPLE QUESTIONS !! Good lord get over yourself. (once again, English is not working here. What exactly does "going to crum your bitchy remarks" mean??? and  "a simple questions" is not proper English, it's either one question or its questionS. I actually like my high horse, it's easier to avoid the piles of shit others leave just lying around. And clearly I have issues...I'm stuck on this island with a bunch of holier than though, Marine wives!!)
Rea Wilcox-Ball I'm curious what any of this has to do with being Marines vs non-Marines?? I guess I'm not entitled to an explanation on the comment though, huh?
What's rude is thinking any one branch of the military is better than any other. Sure my response was rude, but you don't think you may have been a bit out of line asking for an explanation on base trick or treating hours because they aren't exactly the same as the Marines? Who cares why they aren't the same?!? They just aren't! But to turn it into a Marines vs not Marines thing is just beyond ridiculous! (once again, the voice of reason is me....I even admit I was rude!! How often does that happen?!?)
*R- Nice comeback W. (way to contribute...guess he's not building my shrine, is he??)
*K- I agree Rea! But the best is the person telling people they are "bitchy" and have nothing better to do with their time but clearly wasted time as well acting like a "snob" (and K, once again having my back!!) 
**all text in this format are my own added thoughts and not part of the public conversation**

Some bitches are cuntastically horrible! Seriously, you get knocked up by some guy, get married to him and he happens to be a Marine and all of a sudden your shit doesn't stink and you are the most entitled bitch there is?!?! Seems this week it's been a whole onslaught of Marine wives feeling the need to remind all other military wives that our men ain't shit compared to their Marine husbands. Here's the thing: All our husbands are doing the same damned thing, for the same damned country, for the same damned paycheck and the same fucking Commander in Chief! Sure they may wear different uniforms, but the military screws everyone over equally at some point or another! So please stop cutting down other wives because they didn't marry a Marine. Because to be honest here....I've been with some Marines and they're not that great in bed. Give me my sailor any day...he puts the smile on my face and the skip in my step and I don't care if it was all those long lonely weeks out at sea, he learned a thing or two and I'm the one that's benefiting from them! Oh yeah!!!

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  1. Dammit... Those bitches need to realize, I AM THE MOST ENTITLED HIGH MAINTENANCE BITCH THERE IS!!! Geesh!!! Love ya Rea!!!