Thursday, August 9, 2012

FINALLY my million dollar idea! *WITH MORE RANT*

I've decided I know what's missing from tv. It's a lot of talent, but not my point.

The ability to block certain advertisements from your tv, permanently! For real. How is it, we have a "do not call" list, but not a "keep victoria secrets models off my tv, not because I don't want my husband seeing them, but because I can not take another night of wondering how much implants would cost and if I rent my womb out would I have enough left over to buy a good pair and is the pain of labor worth a good pair...and why don't my legs and abs look like that?" list.

I mean really, how much better would the holidays be, if you could block every Toys R Us commercial from your tv. Wouldn't your house be much quieter?? No "MOM I need that toy! SANTA, would bring me that toy"

You should be able to register with your cable/satellite provider the "do not show" advertisers. After 3months, you should never see those ads on your tv, ever. If your internet ads can be catered to you personally, why can't your tv viewing pleasure be the same way??

I'm just saying, if someone developed something like that, WHO wouldn't want to utilize it??

 It came to me last night, some people might just be thinking "Rea, if the commercial offends you so much just use the remote". Well, you see *some people*, the issue with the remote is sure you can change the channel, but how do you know the commercial is over and the show is back on? You don't, unless you have picture in picture and use it on the reg without getting distracted by the 2nd box, plus that doesn't actually stop you from seeing the commercial, you still see it in a smaller frame.
And if you don't use picture in picture, you run the risk of getting sucked into a new show and forgetting about the previous one you were watching before the Victoria Secrets boob girls came on and made you rethink your whole self-worth, in a 30 second spot.


  1. I want the "I don't give a crap about tampons, pads, and douche" package. Even if I did have periods I have still had them long enough to know what I need. I don't need that add coming on while we are trying to eat dinner.