Monday, September 24, 2012


That's 600 page views!!!!

For those of you not sure what I'm all excited about, I'll explain. I've had 600 views, well not me, my blog THIS blog has been viewed 600 times!!

Not bad, seeing as how I only have 1 follower and I'm pretty sure he's just following my blog to get sex! (I love you, Hubs!)

Did you know it's fall?? Like, officially autumn now? If you didn't you must (a) not have friends on facebook who frequent Starbucks and/or Dunkin' Donuts, (b) live in a warm place without real seasonal changes in the weather, yep I was there last year, (c) quite possible are blind and unable to see the leaves changing, but then that leads to the question of "how are you reading my blog"* or (d) are a victim of our public educational system and are unable to read a calendar therefore making you unable to read "First day of Fall" under Sept 22nd, and again I find myself asking "if you can't read, how are you reading my blog?" but then I realize I don't use a lot of big words so you may be able to coast through life with a mediocre reading level. But can you understand it all??
* I realize this is the 2nd time I've brought blind people up in my blog.
I'm also not knocking public schools. I went to middle and high school at a public school, plus a community college and state university and I still ask really dumb questions!

All I wanted to say was: thanks for reading, please spread the word and leave me some love now & then. :)

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