Sunday, December 30, 2012

The flu will wipe the snark right out of you

I apologize in advance for the lack of snarkasm. I've been a little busy.
It began with cleaning of the house in preparation for the holiday guests we had coming.
Then came the visitors, the chaos that IS a holiday and the post-holiday recovery period.
That was followed, eerily closely, by the flu!

I was knocked for a loop by that. I had survived not one, not two, but 3 close encounters with the flu and had come out unscathed! I was, mother-fucking, invincible!
Or so I foolishly thought. When all was said and done, the flu had cost me 28 hours of sleep out of 33 straight hours. Thankfully, the Hubs was home and able to care for our little monster while I was out for the count. Not even 2 days later and I'm feeling back to normal, with the assistance of 2 cups of coffee. (Pretty sure the wicked headache I had was less flu and more my body facing caffeine-withdrawals)

Finally, to the lady who was very cuntastic at Safeway on Christmas Eve: Pajamas are clothes!
Claire and I ran to Safeway, literally 30 minutes before they closed, so we wasted no time putting on jeans, pjs would have to do. I was rocking my brand new Darth Vader jammie bottoms! As we were rushing into the store, a woman pushing a cart says "Put some clothes on!". As we were the only ones near her, I assumed she was talking to us and hollered back in her direction (because we were in too much of a hurry to actually stop) "I'm wearing pajamas, its not like I'm naked!"
My Darth Vader pants got an appreciative comment from a guy in the store, so my jammies were not for naught!

I promise, much more snarkasm in 2013! Thanks for all the support.

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