Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I should just stick to watching cartoons

   While Squishy was sleeping today I caught up on news.

The story was about pitbulls, the most hated breed in America...right now. Breeds come and go, the hated ones that is. The news story was about 2 boys that were attacked in 2007 (I think). Their families started a lawsuit that led to pitbull owners who rent being forced to chose between the roof over their head and their dogs. Landlords, as a result of this lawsuit, are being held accountable for their renters dogs resulting in those landlords saying they won't rent to people who own pits.
I don't like this.
I don't like that pitbulls are being targeted. I am fearful of huskies. I have a reason (short story: as a child I was attacked by a husky. Totally unprovoked, I knew the dog and was familiar with her. I was at the wrong place and wrong time) to be afraid of them. I accept that not every husky will attack me and I was almost over my fear last year. My best friends have a husky and he is a giant LOVE of a dog. I really do adore him, he's so gentle around me. I was even brushing him without issue...until I hit a burr or a snarl and he snapped at me. I freaked the FUCK out and I could not be near him without almost shaking.
What I didn't do was start shouting from the rooftops how horrible huskies are and that they should be banned. I realize my fear of them is my own issue. One dog does not represent the entire breed.
Pitbulls are only perceived as evil and harmful because people have ruined them. They are no different from dobermans, rottweilers and even german shephards.  Each of these breeds have been seen as violent and feared. Which is ironic because german shephards are now viewed as hero dogs.
Blaming an entire breed because assholes abuse dogs is a dumbass lame shitty thing to do. I don't blame every husky I meet for what happened to me. I do keep my distance, because my head is pretty resistant about getting "over" this, not because I believe every husky wants to try to chew my face off.


  1. I totally agree on the dog issue!!! I am a huge animal lover, most especially cats & dogs. I was bit by a friend's dog, a few years back, and at the time, it scared the hell right out of me. But this dog was a family protector by nature, and I stuck my fingers through his fence. I couldn't even tell you what breed he is, but I wouldn't hold all dogs (or even him) as scary because of this one incident. Just like people, animals can be particular in how they are approached. And I know so many more mean chihuahua's than larger dogs... But no one is going to ban a dog that is puntable, I guess...

  2. You are amazing. You know my view on this. We have a pit, he is amazing. My mom is afraid of big dogs, with reason, she too was attacked once. However, she has even had bigger dogs in the past. She knows that it's not the breeds fault, it's just waht she is or is not comfortable with.