Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lawyers, money-hungry society and ungrateful parents

What is...a post about the Sandy Hook tragedy, Alex?

That is correct.

I've got an angry post about this *now dropped, temporarily* lawsuit against the state of Connecticut on behalf of one 6-year old survivor. According to the lawyer, who I refuse to name because I find him disgusting and the very epitome of ambulance-chasing-lawyer-scum, this tragedy "was a foreseeable event and officials failed to prevent it". 

Foreseeable?!?! Is this guy fucking kidding me? Who, in the name of science, god, allah or any other deity ever possibly imagined this would happen? 

Those fucking parents, who sought out this slime, have a child to hold and comfort. There are 20 families in that community who no longer do. I'm sure those parents would gratefully take mental anguish and nightmares over what they're living with. 

And, $100 million for one child?? That's what really set me off! Sue for her therapy costs and call it a day, if you are really concerned about her mental health. Don't insult the victims families by asking for an unreal amount of money because your child survived! Start a survivors group, do group sessions,  create a walk to raise money for victims groups....anything constructive and helpful. Suing the state because some pycho-asshole got a hair up his ass to lose his fucking mind and take multiple lives in the process thus granting his entry into the most horrific depths of hell or another likewise evil place, yeah now that makes a totally assbackwards, fucked-six-ways-to-Sunday kind of way. 

Look, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I cannot imagine what any of these families are going through. But the reality is: money won't fix this. Lawsuits won't change the past. And teaching children that getting money for "pain and suffering" doesn't teach them to be resilient and strong and stand tall. There's not one person, that I know, who thinks throwing money around fixes real issues. I had a super shitty childhood, and if I really thought of it, I may have had a case against adults who turned a blind eye to me when I asked for help. But what would have I gained? Some money, a little satisfaction from the people who were forced to pay up...and? Not much else. I'd still have to face my past and deal with it. 

Money is not a band aid. Frivolous (stupid) lawsuits are a problem in our society. So many scum-of-the-earth lawyers out there, think one big lawsuit makes them heroes. But it doesn't, it makes them shitty human beings capitalizing on the suffering of other people.  

The only person responsible and who should be held responsible for what happened to those children, survivors and deceased, is that monster who won't get named in this post. But since he took the pussy way out and killed himself, those families are left with no one to get answers from. But suing the state won't change that. Instead, it makes you (the parents of that little girl) look greed and, well, you look like an asshole. When you should be holding your child and thanking the stars above that she's in your arms, you seek out a lawyer to sue for a totally unrealistic amount of money! Fuck you people! No, really, FUCK YOU! 

That's all I have. I'm relieved the lawsuit was dropped and I hope that little girl, and all the children who survived this tragedy, get the help she needs. I hope her parents learn to support and guide her instead of look for people to point fingers at and lay blame. 

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