Wednesday, January 9, 2013

..and then the appliance delivery guy laughed at us

    Well, the week started with our washer taking a massive the middle of a load of sheets Amber shit and pissed on. Thanks for nothing, washing machine. But, our landlord is awesome and by Tuesday morning he had ordered a new one to be deliver today.

   The new one came this afternoon, and unlike when our new dryer was delivered, Mac was home and Nixon was napping. While the new dryer was being installed, the phone rang. I answered it and then promptly got hung up on.
   Of course, like most things that come out of my mouth, I didn't think before saying (to Mac) "I thought I asked you not to have your whores call the house phone."
Which resulted in this conversation between us, while the appliance guy was in the house..
Mac: Well, you were supposed to be napping.
me: Oh, so I guess its my fault!
Mac: Yep.
me: Good to know, don't let it happen again.

   We were chuckling the whole time. Even better was seeing the appliance guy trying not to laugh at our dumbasses! He was unsuccessful as he was laughing when I signed the delivery paperwork. We do not take our marriage so seriously that jokes like this don't happen on a regular basis.

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