Tuesday, October 22, 2013

...and then I put my car in reverse, parked it and got out to find out what the fuck was going on with the giant garbage dumping that was happening in my neighborhood!

    I keep to myself, for the most part. I say hello to my neighbors or do a head nod and smile when passing a neighbor, but I don't actively seek confrontations or to forge friendships with the people who live around us.
    All that changed this morning as I was leaving our housing area and saw not 1 but 3 cars and a large trailer of trash being left on the grass just a few houses away from ours. Trash had been picked up this morning, and it was obvious these people were DUMPING this shit in my neighborhood on purpose. I though, for all of 5 seconds, to drive away and let it go.
    Then I thought fuck this shit, threw my car into reverse, parked right in front of one of the cars dumping shit and got out. I walked over to the guy who was obviously the ring leader (he was pointing and yelling at everyone around him) and asked if they were tenants of the community. He said "Don't worry your head, this is an eviction matter." Yeah, because that's going to appease me. I repeated my question and he said there's was an officer I could talk to and pointed to the Sheriff's car. I went over to the marked police car and found it empty.
   SO I went back to my car and called the local authorities. It was explained to me, that in the case of evictions, the tenants can leave belongings on the curb. But this didn't appear to just be one tenants belongings, there was a trailer that they were removing shit from! And there was 2 other cars in front of the house with the eviction notice. As I was explaining this to the dispatcher, the truck with trailer and 2 other vehicles left. I told the dispatcher not to send a car, after she asked if I'd like an officer to come over and speak to me, because the people were leaving.

    What the fuck, yo?!? You get evicted and you're allowed, legally allowed, to put piled and piles of trash on the curb? Even going so far as to bring more trash just to leave?!

    If you thought that was the end, you'd be wrong.
    I came home about 2 hours later and found they had returned and were now running a swap meet, of sorts, from the pile of shit! There were 6 cars pulled along side the piles and it was being treated like a garage sale! Evidently, my assumption is, they saw my on my phone and left only to return at some point while I was out.
    At this point, because apparently the shit dumping is legal, I'm in my house away from the eviction flea market jamboree that's going on.
    Keep it classy, folks.

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