Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm not just snarky, I do funny pretty good too!

   Last weekend, I noticed an unfamiliar sight in our fenced in backyard...a volleyball.

Chances are it was kicked/thrown/tossed in there by accident by one of the neighborhood kids, but I wasn't sure. The Hubs usually claims these things, but I felt that might start setting the wrong example for Little Man.
  I thought about it and decided to take a cute approach to try and find the owners. I wrote a note, as if the volleyball wrote it:
   It got a laugh from The Hubs. I soon found a box, a fitting place for the volleyball to safely be placed when I left it in hopes it was soon reunited with it's people.
  The best place to do that, I thought, was at the mailboxes for all the homes in our side of the community we live in. And that's exactly where I left the lost little volleyball, Monday morning before taking Nixon to school. I told Nixon what I was doing and why, and he thought it was really great!
   By Tuesday morning, the box with the note and volleyball were all gone from the mailbox area. I hope it's because they were found and are happily with the people who misplaced them in the first place.

   I managed to not make my neighbors hate me, I think. There hasn't been any cookies or cakes brought by, but on the flip side, we also haven't been egged or TP'd, so I'm thinking it's a total win all around!

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