Friday, January 17, 2014

Snarky Bitch and the suspicious phishing phone call from "Microsoft"

    A couple days ago our phone rang, yes Geek Sailor (GS) and I still have a "land line" mostly because we don't want to give out our cell numbers all the time and it's part of our cable/Internet package, caller id showed "TEXAS" and a number.
    I picked up and the rest went something like this:

me: Hello?
caller: Hello, this is Kevin from Microsoft, I'm calling because our records show your computer is being attacked. Let me walk you through the steps to prevent this attack from becoming more serious.
me: Huh? I'm sorry, you're with who? And what is this about my computer?
"Kevin" (who sounded like Raj's dad from The Big Bang Theory): Yes ma'am, I'm with Microsoft and your computer is being threatened. Now I need you to log on and I'll guide you to a screen so you can see I am not lying to you. But we must hurry before it is too late.
*Seriously, it was as if he felt the fast he talked the more I would believe him*
me: Okay, who are you trying to reach? Which computer of mine is being threatened?
"Kevin": I can only confirm the phone number I contacted. It's a privacy violation to give you a name. But, if you follow my instructions you'll see I am telling the truth when I can give you your computer's identifying code as you see it on your computer screen. Now, have you logged into your computer yet?
me: So wait, you can call me, and say my computer is being threatened but you can't tell me the customer's name you're trying to reach?
"Kevin": Ma'am, are you not concerned about your computer's privacy safety?
me: I'm just a little confused. I haven't had my coffee yet and none of this is making any sense.
GS *sitting right next to me on the sofa*: Just hang up!
me: *"Kevin" is still yammering in my ear* Can you make sense of what he's saying? (as I hand GS the phone)
GS:  Yeah, I can figure this out.....*presses the end call button* there. It's solved.
me: Oh goodie. I'm pretty sure it was a phishing call, but my lack of coffee makes everything seem confusing and suspicious.

Less than 45 seconds later the phone rings again, GS looks at the caller id, answers it, then hangs up again.
me: And.....?
GS: "Kevin" again.
me: Our computers will never be safe again *shaking my head*
GS: Yeah, I'm sure that call was totally legit *rolls his eyes*

I ran my antivirus/malware after the call. I did a full scan and a few other things. My computer's safe....unless you count the "Now That's What I Call Christmas Music" and some 90's music on my hard drive, but that's just awesomeness!

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