Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snarky Bitch vs my husband's refusal to accept my explanation for unicorns existance

* This all came about because UH was watching Octonauts this afternoon. Well, that and my mind is kind of awesome!*

me: Narwhals are real, right? So why can't unicorns be real too?
GS (my long-suffering husband, who is very use to my random rants): Because we've seen narwhals in real life but never unicorns. Unicorns aren't real, or we'd have found proof of them by now.
me: But there is proof. They're called horses. Narwhals and unicorns have the same horns, just unicorns are better at hiding.
GS: No. Unicorns are not real. Horses are horses, not unicorns.
me: Wrong! All horses are born unicorns but lose their horn as soon as a human sees it.
GS: *sighs* No, that doesn't even make sense.
me: Why not? It makes sense to me.
GS: Because that would require magic and there's no such thing as magic.
me: I can't believe you are destroying my belief in unicorns over MAGIC!
GS: Yeah, that you can't believe.

   I'm totally right. Unicorns are real, and they're really good at hiding. To be fair, I also believe in fairies, magic and love. I think love is a stronger magic than any other kind, but if you ask GS he'll snort and tskk at you over that claim.

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