Friday, February 28, 2014

Snarky Bitch takes on annoying tv commercials

   Have you watched these commercials? My son thinks they are hilarious, but only when the adults are shown doing the actions the kids suggest.
   Me? I think they are dumb as fuck and annoying. Every single time I see one of these commercials I get pissed off and start yelling "Oh HELL fucking no would that shit fly with me!". Why, you ask? It's simple, unless these children have bought this box of halos with their own money, it is not "okay" for them to tell their parent(s) they aren't allowed to eat one.
   When did it become accepted for kids to tell adults what to do?!? I sure as hell did not get to do this kind of shit when I was a child and I'll be damned if my son will EVER do this shit to me!
    And why are these parents ASKING their kid if it's "okay"?? If you want a goddamned orange, eat a fucking orange!

   The point? Those commercials suck!
And they aren't the only ones....

   I'm sure I haven't mentioned this, but UH is an only child....BY CHOICE! *gasp!* So that means, for all intent and purpose, I am a lifetime member of the "First Kid" Club. Every stage he's going through is a first for me, but that doesn't mean I'm the type of mom being portrayed in these commercials.
   First, I never drove around at night hoping for my child to fall asleep in the car. By the time he was 6 weeks old, he was already sleeping in his crib falling asleep on his own!
    Second, I never woke up in a panic checking for diaper leaks. Know why?! I was fucking asleep!! If he needed something, he'd cry and let me know.
   Finally, what is wrong with reading age-appropriate books to your child? The last thing I want to read to my son is the latest exploits or fashion mishaps of the Kar-trash-ian clan!

    These commercials just add fuel to the "mommy wars" fire. Trust me, as a mom with one (awesome) kid and zero plans of having any more kids, there's plenty of fuel already there. It's the dumbest thing, these commercials and the idea of one mom being better than another, to compete when raising kids. One kid or 19 kids, any person raising a child is a parent. And NO ONE is an expert when it comes to child-rearing. Everyone makes mistakes and just because you've had more children doesn't classify you as an expert.

   So LUVS....please keep your "mommy wars" narrow minded bullshit off the airwaves! I've got one child and I'm an expert on raising him as best as I can!

   Before I end this post. I want to put my favorite commercial here:
   This is HILARIOUS!! Maybe more so because I'm raising a boy, but this make me laugh (or sing-a-long) every time.

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