Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snarky Bitch vs a crankier, bitchier Snarky Bitch

 For the women that read this blog, I hope none of you have ever been where I am right now!

 My PMS started with boobs the size of melons, so sore to the touch that I cringe every time I put them in a bra. Add that to the fact that walking made them sore because they are much heavier than normal. That started 2 weeks ago. Then I started getting my migraines again, lovely right??, and my acid reflux began to rear its godawful head again. I spent 3 nights sleeping sitting up because I was choking on the acid in the back of my throat!

I was just being able to handle all that, when I woke up this morning in a foul and awful mood! I woke up wanting to hit or throw something.
The family and I had a couple errands to run and that was when I really got bad! Driving made me super annoyed/angry and I failed to keep my cursing to myself. I dropped a few "fuck"s and more than one "fucktard", and topped it all off by throwing up a middle finger because some goddamned douchecaneo was too self-important to choose the right lane of traffic to turn into then decided to force his way into the lane I was waiting in, the proper lane he wanted to be in but decided to try to skip the wait and be a giant dick! I mean, sure at least he used a turn signal, but he arrive to the stop light in the straight or right turn only lane, with his left turn signal on....he arrived with intentions to be an asshole....if that doesn't warrant a middle finger and a few "FUCK"s, I don't know what does.
Unfortunately, UH was in the car and I was driving less than flawlessly. GS decided to tell me after our next stop, I "could ride in the back with UH and watch some Bob's Burger with him". In other words, I was being sent to behave.

We came home and I was sent to my room, with computer at least, to be alone and relax. I'm so pissy and cranky I'm worried I might anger myself and have a brawl...with myself. I'm not sure who'd win that fight, we're both pretty vicious bitches right now.

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