Friday, August 31, 2012

Sometimes I just scratch my head

  I've seen a lot of people swearing off things (facebook, it's my source of everything!).

This one (I def. have to go buy coffee this whole thing of giving up coffee is so not working for me) made me have this conversation with the Hubs.

me: Why would anyone give up coffee?
Hubs: I don't know
me: I mean you're not hurting anyone but yourself by doing it. 
(you'd think I was'd be wrong)
me: Seriously, that's like giving up wait, it's like swearing off your vibrator! 
Hubs: Maybe YOUR vibrator
me: The only one your punishing by doing that, is yourself. Seriously, what's the point of giving up coffee??

He had no answer for me, and as a coffee addict myself, I'd as soon give up shaving my legs and armpits than give up coffee. And my legs get shaved once a week...twice if it's hot outside! 
I'd rather bite my toenails than give up coffee.
I would be hard pressed if I had only $10 to my name and I was stranded between a Starbucks and a gas station with my car on E, to decide where I spent the money. (I mean given a choice, I'd buy a tall skinny iced vanilla latte, then put the remaining $5.75'ish in my gas tank. Yeah, I did the quick math on that one LOL, unless I needed an extra shot of expresso, then there goes another $0.95)

There's really no point to this blog, other than: I will never give up coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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