Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I WILL NOT YIELD!! DC drivers, I'm talking to/about you.

Goddamned DC! There is nothing worse on this side of the fucking planet, than fucking DC streets, with their fucking shitty paving and tunnels to roundabouts and motherfucking drivers that do not know how to fucking merge to save their fucking dying grandmother's life!

First, a tip: To every single, ignorant cuntfuck driver who seems to think they are the ONE person able to actually drive and use their iPhone. You are not! Put the phone down or fucking park, but stop trying to do both. Everyone knows by now it's illegal, but for some reason you're the obvious exception to the rule.

Next: If its raining outside, please stop tailgating!

Followed closely by: If the street you're driving down is congested, stop trying to force your way in. Also, stop blocking side roads and stop trying to beat red lights. The only thing you're doing is adding to the congested traffic. YOU FUCKING MORONS HAVE SOME COMMON FUCKING SENSE!

Also, if you are on the highway, the YIELD sign is directed at the lane of traffic inbound to the highway NOT you. I say this because the car in front me of did not understand this, as was evident by the driver's braking and letting cars in that lane in. We were going 60mph when this donkeycunt punch decided to do this...on wet pavement.
I was tired, I needed some coffee and I was annoyed by the overabundance of asshole drivers surrounding me. So how did I react? I slapped my hands on my steering wheel and yelled "I WILL NOT YIELD!", thankfully my husband is used to my random outbursts and understood I was reaching the end of sanity rope and just let the outburst slide.

Finally, this one almost made me see red. And not just because the vehicle involved was a red truck. This assmunch was trying to switch lanes. Here's a thought, when you can see INTO the car, at the DRIVER of the vehicle in the lane you want to get into, it's not going to happen! The lane switch that is.
Today: I'm in the center lane, red truck in the right lane. Red truck is far enough that I can look over at my passenger window and see the driver, as he is moving INTO my lane! I watch this happen, glance to left lane and see line of traffic no room to move. I honk HARD at the guy moving AT my car, not into my lane, no he's moving AT my car, while we're doing an easy 70mph. This cocksucking assmunch of a fucktard looks over at me and fucking grins! I mean full on "look at me teeth, aren't they cumguzzling white" grin. Then he jerked back into the right lane.
I almost had a fucking heart attack! I don't have many fears when it comes to driving, but getting into a crash on the highway with a fucking psycho and having my son in the car with me? That's pretty high on my short list!

I'm totally convinced that drivers in DC are required to take a test, which tests for common sense. If the person passes that test, they do not get a DC drivers license. Feel free to disagree with me on this one, but until I see one smart and courteous driver in DC with DC plates on their car, I refuse to accept that the "common sense evaluator" is not part of the testing process.

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