Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Self...shut-up and take the compliment!

   I was sitting outside of Third Eye Comics Saturday morning, waiting for the store to open for a creator signing. I was surrounded by a bunch of other people, just chilling in a chair relaxing for the first time that morning. Squishy had been kind of a pill and I was relieved to be with the Hubs for some support.

A guy with a small dog walks between me and the rest of the group I was sitting with. He stops and looks at me, then takes a few steps and stops again. He says to me "Haven't I seen you on TV?"
Okay, I admit I'm very taken aback by that comment. I chuckle and say "No, I'm sure you haven't but thank you for the compliment". I should have stopped there. But I continue. "Unless it was in a porno, in which case thank you twice for the compliment".

By now, even the Hubs is looking at me with a curious look on his face and asks what in the crap I'm talking about. I explain it to him and he says "Wait, you've got a porn floating around out there?". You'd think he was upset. You'd be wrong. He was curious that I was making porn money and not spreading the wealth! haha

Also, this came one week after I made things awkward when I announced the line was for "free smach'mortions" (rhymes with abortions) Obviously, not everyone gets my sense of humor. Thankfully, my husband does and as long as he and I are still laughing together, I'm good-to-go!

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