Thursday, September 5, 2013

Evidently, my husband hates me....why else would he force me to pick one?!?!

My hubs and I were watching Dish Nation together. They were discussing the Roast of James Franco, and talking about his hygiene issues. Why women are dropping panties for him I don't get, and I say as much to Hubs, who comes up with this "fun" game:
Hubs: If you had to choose one: James Franco or Robert Pattinson, who would you do?
me: Can I join a convent?
Hubs: No, you have to choose one.
me: Can I kill myself instead?
Hubs: No. You know the rules, you gotta pick one. James Franco or Robert Pattinson?
me: I feel dirty just thinking about this, you know.
Hubs: That's still not choosing one.
me:.....*deep sigh* Robert Pattinson.

My logic is pretty flawless: RP has been in 4 movies with Taylor Lautner, therefore I can easily fantasize about TL while with RP and never once have to actually think about RP. With JF it will require way too much imagination to make him less dirty and I'm not working that hard just because I had to "choose one".

The moral of this post? There isn't one....other than my hubs likes to ruin my sex drive with gross "pick one" options sometimes. And then won't even let me kill myself as an option to get out of making a choice.

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