Sunday, June 16, 2013

This is why I hate trying to make new friends...

I feel like this would have totally been way better than the email I got.  

A real email I received this evening:
"I'm XXX, and I'm the organizer of the OMG Girlfriends Meetup group. I was looking at the site's records and realized that you had not been to the site or attended a meetup within the last three months. I assume by this that you are no longer interested in being a member of the group. I am therefore removing you from the membership list. You are welcome to rejoin at any time."

Well, fuck! I receive all the email invites about possible meetups, but they're all book clubs (when the Hubs is working), or going out to eat (at seafood places, or doing brunch), or quite a few other non-child friendly planned events. Do I need to give one or two of them a try? Maybe. But let's be real here, I have anxiety about meeting new people and without Nixon to help buffer that anxiety, I'm a fucking mess! 

I shouldn't be upset about this, but in order to even get the email invites, I had to pay a membership fee, which is non-refundable. So there's goes a venti non-fat iced vanilla latte with a chocolate milk for Nixon. 

I shouldn't give a flying fuck, but it took a lot out of me to just join that group to begin with. I feel like the secret message unwritten message at the end of this email is "You are welcome to rejoin at any feel like you can be a contributing member of the group and not some loser who joins and never meets us. Until that time please enjoy your lonely and friendless life, you loser" Of course I realize that wasn't what was written but it may as well have been. It's rejection because I can't conform to what this group's idea of membership is. And yeah, I'm sure there was a clause in the group's "Who we are" description about non-participation but still....for me, in my anxiety and friendless state, I'm feeling very loserish. 

So thanks for the dumping I forgot what it felt like. I now need a drink and an angry hate fuck....oh, yeah it wasn't that kind of break up. 

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